This is more than a St. Pete blog, it’s a blog from a passionate someone from St. Pete (that’s me). It is a site designed to capture what I feel is a counter-cultural view of society–a view that confronts laziness and hypocrisy in mainstream thinking to promote a more sustainable, peaceful, and awake society. I use St. Petersburg, FL (affectionately, the Burg, or Dirty Burg) as a lens for such issues because 1) I live here, and 2) the culture is growing here—right here, right now! I’ve called the Burg home for over 23 years (ahem, all my life) so I also have you covered on where to go, what to do, who to meet, and things to ponder if you’re also an adult who gives a shit.

Now, an introduction.

My name is Becca, a St. Pete native since day one, a proud dropout of Duke University, and a recent graduate of St. Pete’s own Eckerd College, where I majored in Creative Writing and chemistry, for some reason. When I’m not doing or teaching or thinking about yoga, I’m probably thinking about dogs, science, or the world. Other things I enjoy: beer! friends! words! animals!

I currently attend USF College of Medicine where I am studying to become a physician researcher on plant-based medicines.

Disclaimer: My outspoken, often controversial opinions do not represent those of any of my affiliations–they’re strictly my own. I do not claim to be an expert in sociology, psychology, politics, or any other issues I tackle, really, but my time and experience as a student, yoga teacher, writer, activist, traveler, lover, thinker, and Burg native have at least lent me strong opinions about the crazy world we share. So why listen to me? For the same reason you listen to anyone else: because I have shit to say, and I’m saying it. Take it, leave it, or disagree, and whatever you do, leave a comment explaining why!

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